Your own dedicated team of forecasters

If your revenue and operations are impacted by weather risks, don’t rely on automated solutions. WeatherTrend offers an affordable way to have the equivalent of an in-house weather forecasting department.

Cutting edge science for the most accurate mid and long term forecasts

We have developed our own proprietary mid and long term probabilistic forecast methodology that lets our clients get ahead of weather changes and extreme weather events. Optimise your company’s operations and revenue and beat your competitors in the energy trading market.
Europe forecast

Innovative web tools

Access advanced and unique forecasting tools through our user friendly website. Whether your staff are already practiced in the interpretation of weather forecasting data or have no prior understanding, we offer a tailored solution.

Winter Road Prediction Service

Pre-alert service for extreme weather phenomena

Alert Services

Dedicated web portal

Nowcasting service

Very long term reporting

Training for your staff

Raw Power timeseries of Spain
Do you need your employees to be more comfortable with the use and interpretation of weather information? WeatherTrend provides Meteorology courses for all levels, delivered by senior forecasters in an engaging manner.

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