Services for the Insurance, Retail and Agriculture Sector

WeatherTrend’s unique approach to mid and long-term forecasts can greatly assist business sectors with a high exposure to weather. We can help assess if a winter is more likely to be unusually cold or warm, if an autumn is expected to be very humid or the probability of the following season behaving according to the normal pattern.

Non automatic forecasts

Most mid and long-term forecast solutions available in the market are purely based on automatic numerical weather prediction model outputs. We have access to the same models, but also have developed our own algorithm to search for analogue past situations. All data ultimately receives in-depth analysis from our forecasting team.

Scientific, honest and rigorous

There is no such thing as a certain mid or long term forecast. When forecasting beyond 5 days, we need to talk in terms of probability and uncertainty. Our clients are always aware of the risks involved when taking decisions based on our forecasts. WeatherTrend knows how to effectively communicate complex scientific terminology in an understandable way.

Tailored solutions and consultancy services

We are experts in weather and data processing. Do you have a large amount of sales data,
and would like to find how they correlate to a specific weather situation? We can help you better understand how weather impacts your sales patterns and your business operations.