Winter Road Prediction Service

The road infrastructure maintenance sector requires a comprehensive solution that combines the direct access to the meteorologist service offered by WeatherTrend with a state-of-the-art automated information system.

Pre-alert service for extreme weather phenomena

WeatherTrend will issue a pre-alert about relevant events (snowfall, extreme cold, extreme rain,…) as far in advance as possible to provide a reliable prediction. Depending on the nature of the phenomenon, the pre-alert can occur between 3 and 10 days in advance as a general norm, with 7 days being the usual period.

Alert service

At least 3 days before a relevant weather event occurs, WeatherTrend will issue a detailed alert including the start and end date of the event and a description of the event in 6 or 3 hour chunks within each day. The description will include, by phenomenon:

-Snow episodes

-Elevation, accumulated amounts, sections of the road where they will be most likely, evolution of the level, intensity of precipitation, detailed description by districts of the Foral Community, including map of accumulated amounts of snow.
-Other phenomena
-Wind, hail, accumulated water, fog, freezing rain,…

Very long term reporting

WeatherTrend is a leader in providing very long-term forecasting services, from 1 month to 1 year ahead. These reports are very useful when making early estimates of the intensity and duration of winter. For example, information such as whether a snowfall of notable intensity could come before October or November, or whether a January or February could be very dry, are possible, with relative precision, with WeatherTrend’s monthly/seasonal reports.